This interesting conversion started life as a pair of Lima 117 DMU centre cars and a driving motor brake. The idea came from seeing a really bad conversion for sale on ebay that was simply a 117 with the cab ends replaced with 304 ones. Our conversion took this a step further in an attempt to produce a 304 EMU on a limited budget. The first conversion was the driving trailer as seen below. This was simply a case of removing the end section shown and then scratch building the cab end. The section removed was put to one side for use later whilst some of the smaller compartment windows were opened out.

The units power car was the next  on the workbench. This is formed by cutting off the 117’s cab as shown and then replacing it with the previously removed section from the above coach. The roof was then lowered at the brake end.

The last to be converted was the driving brake. Again the coach was chopped as shown below and the centre section removed. The two half's were then glued together before scratch building the cab/guards compartment. This vehicle has some distinctive trussing under the body. This was replicated by using the trussing from an old kitmaster mk1 coach.