This impressive garage layout was constructed back in 2006 for a family members birthday. What started out as a simple garage idea developed into a realistic town scene that was built on a 6’ x 2’ baseboard that fitted across the back wall of a garden shed. The petrol station was based on a typical shell garage and featured a car wash that was modelled on a local prototype while the garage shop was modified from an old triang station building. All the petrol pumps were scratchbuilt from plasticard.

No kids garage would be complete without a roof top car park so next door to the petrol station a multistory car park was built with a car showroom located on the ground floor.

At the entrance to the car park a working barrier was fitted as well as CCTV camera. Both of these working features were operated by wheels fitted to the edge of the baseboard. Across the road from the petrol station a combined police/fire station was located. A big feature of the roof was a helicopter pad. This had flashing LED lights fitted round the edge of the pad. Flashing LED’s were also fitted to the zebra crossing . The centre point of the layout was the crossroads that were equipped with working traffic lights.