Converting a two car DMU into a single railcar sounds easy until you realise the donor vehicles are made by Triang. Anyway nothing like a challenge so here’s a conversion we have recently done for a customer. First the two cars were stripped down. One of the noticeable things with the original Triang unit is the cars are a bit on the short side. To lengthen the unit to the same length as a Lima railcar the guards area was removed from one car and added to the other car along with the second cab. The cab end’s were then altered by removing the extra moulded detail to make them look more like the prototype class 101. The underframe detail was recycled from the 117 to 304 conversion we did a while back. A repaint into BR blue followed and as a final touch the window frames and hand rails were picked out using a silver marker. Although this unit never existed in the real world I think that if Metro Cammell had produced a single railcar based on their class 101 it would have looked very similar.