Once a common sight on the railway network today traditional signal boxes are

becoming a rare breed. As the modern railway evolves with resignaling projects

and route modernisation many of the old lineside signal boxes are being replaced with more centralised computer aided signalling centres. Back in the 1950’s when the WCML electrification was in the planning stages BR decided that the line would be resignaled using colour light signals making a lot of the old LNWR signal boxes redundant. Where signal boxes were to be retained they were replaced with the standard LMR 1954 design signal box. These signal boxes were modular in design featuring a wooden top cabin mounted either on a timber or brick base. Many boxes on the electrified WCML had the brick base extended for use as a relay room for the colour light signalling equipment. The extension could either be at the left or right of the box and subsequently some boxes had walkways fitted over the extensions roof to allow access to the wooden cabin above.    

Our Westcoast signal boxes follow the same modular construction of the prototype and can be made to order with different configurations of  window and door positions to suit the boxes location on the clients layout. The boxes can be supplied with or without the relay room extension again tailored to the clients specification. Like our station buildings LED lighting is available as an option with the LED’s recessed into the roof section. To add extra realism we can supply illuminated track diagrams